OneFifteen offers care and support to patients that is personalized, evidence-based, and easy to access. Our combined team of doctors, therapists, care coordinators, and other specialists work with patients, community members, and other providers to give people the best chance at recovery.


The path of recovery is different for each person. OneFifteen meets patients where you are and working with you to create a treatment plan that works for you.

Data Driven

OneFifteen asks patients to participate in data sharing and research to improve care. Our team is committed to improving the quality of care for patients, and data helps make this possible.

Evidence Based

Patients receive medication, when appropriate, to support recovery and keep cravings and withdrawal symptoms at bay.

Care in Dayton

Our comprehensive, state of the art campus in Dayton offers care and services that foster recovery.

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OneFifteen Living Residential

OneFifteen Living provides residential treatment while maintaining connections to their community. Patients are encouraged to work and participate in treatment. OneFifteen Living includes a gym, meditation room, walking paths, and a patient garden. If you or a loved one are interested, please call (937) 535-5115

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Our outpatient program offers therapy, medical care, support groups and care coordination in an outpatient setting.

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Recovery Housing

Patients, community members, and former patients will be able to apply for low income housing in the Carillon neighborhood, just blocks from the OneFifteen campus

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Hybrid Care – Coming Soon

The Hybrid Care model by OneFifteen seamlessly merges the personalized touch of in-person case management with the convenience and accessibility of virtual psychiatric services. Serving Franklin County, Ohio.