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Embracing Flexibility in Recovery

The Hybrid Care model by OneFifteen seamlessly merges the personalized touch of in-person case management with the convenience and accessibility of virtual psychiatric services. Designed for those seeking a flexible approach to addiction treatment, this program adapts to your individual needs, providing continuous support as you navigate the path to recovery.

What is Hybrid Care?

Hybrid Care is an integrated treatment model that combines virtual psychiatry and in-person or virtual care advocacy, utilizing the OneFifteen mobile application (app) for a comprehensive approach to substance use and mental health conditions. This model ensures that you receive consistent, specialized care tailored to support both your immediate and long-term recovery goals.

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Who is Eligible for the OneFifteen
Hybrid Care Program?

Who is Eligible for the OneFifteen Hybrid Care Program?

Eligibility is for Ohio CareSource members residing in Franklin County, aged 18 or older, who have a substance use disorder. Participants should be able to engage in English and have access to a smartphone. We offer inclusive and accessible services regardless of race, nationality, religion, gender identity, or background.

Our Doors Are Open

Regardless of where you come from or how many times you have tried before. OneFifteen is here for you.

How it Works

Our Hybrid Care Program is structured around three key steps to ensure a cohesive and supportive recovery experience.

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Initial Assessment

Begin with a comprehensive virtual evaluation with an addiction medicine psychiatrist to understand your needs.

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Personalized Care Plan

Develop a tailored treatment plan, incorporating medication management, virtual psychiatric care, and in-person support.

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Ongoing Support

Continuous case management with a dedicated Care Advocate and Addiction Medicine provider, offering both community-based and virtual support.

Benefits of Hybrid Care


Virtual appointments make care more accessible, especially for those with limited transportation options.


Schedule treatments around your life, not the other way around, with the convenience of virtual psychiatry.

Comprehensive Support

A combination of psychiatric services, medication management, and care advocacy ensures a whole-person treatment approach.

Personalized Plans

Treatment plans that evolve with you, reflecting your progress and changing needs.

Community Connection

In-person support from Care Advocates helps link you to local resources and recovery communities.


Ability to use technology and tools such as our mobile app to communicate with your care team and track your recovery journey.

A New Path to Wellness

OneFifteen’s Hybrid Care Program in Franklin County, Ohio, redefines the recovery experience, offering a balanced approach to substance use disorder treatment. With the integration of virtual psychiatric care and in-person advocacy, we’re committed to supporting your journey to wellness at every step.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Explore our FAQ to gain deeper insights into our unique approach.

OneFifteen’s Hybrid Care Program stands out due to its accessibility, impact, and personalization. It provides immediate access to integrated care teams, focuses on impactful recovery elements, and offers a flexible, personalized treatment experience to meet the unique needs of each participant.

The Hybrid Care Program combines virtual psychiatric care with in-person support from care advocates to treat substance use and mental health conditions. This integrated approach uses the OneFifteen mobile app for seamless case management and personalized treatment planning.

Yes. The OneFifteen Hybrid Care Program follows standards of care established by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the American Psychiatric Association (APA), and our care models are updated to incorporate new research as it emerges.

Our program adheres to all federal and state regulations that oversee the provision of treatment for substance use disorders, including regulations for telemedicine and controlled substance prescribing.

If participants have any questions about their benefits and potential out-of-pocket costs, they should call the number on the back of their insurance card to learn more. How do participants sign up for the OneFifteen Hybrid Care Program?

OneFifteen will work with community partners to receive referrals into the program. Community partners will assess participants and determine if the participant is eligible for OneFifteen’s Hybrid Care Program.

If a participant is eligible and interested, they will use the OneFifteen QR code to register and schedule their first appointment with the OneFifteen Addiction Medicine provider. What does the role of a Care Advocate entail?

A Care Advocate, who is a licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Assistant, provides personalized case management, helping navigate recovery barriers, linking participants to community resources, and supporting recovery goals throughout the program.

Care Advocates assist with case navigation and link participants to vital recovery resources such as housing, food security, workforce opportunities, and more, ensuring a whole-person approach to recovery.

Psychiatry services are offered exclusively through virtual appointments, allowing participants to meet with their addiction medicine providers for diagnosis, medication management, and ongoing psychiatric support, all through the OneFifteen mobile app.

The OneFifteen mobile app facilitates direct communication with your care team, including virtual video visits with your doctor and care advocate, chat functionalities, and the ability to track your recovery progress through surveys and goal setting.

Participants receive a comprehensive suite of services, including medication for withdrawal management, clinical assessments, personalized recovery treatment plans, and evaluation for co-occurring mental health conditions.

Medications prescribed by the addiction medicine provider can be filled at the participant’s preferred pharmacy. Injectable medications may require a visit to one of our partner pharmacy locations.

Call the OneFifteen Hybrid Care team at (614) 285-3004 between the hours of 9-5 PM EST Monday – Friday.

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