OneFifteen Living Accepting New Patients

OneFifteen welcomes adults 18 and older with substance use disorders in need of structured clinical services with safe, restorative housing in a 58 bed center. This groundbreaking program, the first of its kind in Ohio, offers clinical services while empowering patients to stay connected to their community.

No Matter How Many Times You’ve Felt Misunderstood

OneFifteen and its partners take a fresh approach to treating addiction. We believe successful recovery is achieved through personalized, evidence-based care and unwavering support from care providers and the community. OneFifteen was founded to bring all these things together on one campus and create an ecosystem that supports you at every step.

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Regardless Of What Kind Of Care You Need

At OneFifteen’s campus, we don’t just treat addiction, we treat you. Our team of specialists includes care coordinators who have been through addiction recovery themselves. We get it. We’ve been there. We have also chosen a clinical care provider that specializes in substance use disorder. Together, we are committed to providing personalized, evidence-based care to every person who walks through our doors, no matter what your path to recovery looks like.

We Are Grateful For The Support Of Our Founders And Community Partners.