Year-End Gift

For each person struggling with addiction, there are six others impacted. Your year-end gift to OneFifteen Recovery allows us to bring hope to these families by providing not only advanced medical care for those experiencing addiction, but the skills and support they need to rebuild their lives.

OneFifteen will provide treatment to more than 2020 patients in 2020, providing hope and healing to not only our patients, but their families, friends and our community. Will you join us by making a year-end gift of $2020? Could you come alongside us with an annual gift of $200? Or could you help support us with $21 a month in 2021? For the cost of a pizza, you can help us to be available 24/7 in our Crisis Stabilization Unit when someone needs immediate care. You can help provide a safe place for people to recover and learn life-long resiliency skills. You can join our quest to reverse the course of addiction.

Thank you for considering a year-end gift. We are grateful for you.